Streaming now single largest source of music revenues globally – 2017 IFPI data show

April 26, 2018


“IFPI just released their annual Global Music Report, which shows that with an 8​.​1% global growth in 2017, the recorded music industry is firmly on the path to recovery. This success  is ​driven by streaming, which continued to experience phenomenal growth ​(41%​) ​ in 2017. For the first time, ​streaming is the single largest ​revenue ​source for the music industry. Digital Music Europe members have revolutionised how the world discovers and enjoys music​. We drive discovery and ​user engagement​, ​while ensuring that artists and other right holders are remunerated fairly.​ We are very proud ​of our contribution to the economic growth and creativity, and the benefits this brings to consumers and artists.”

Olivia Regnier, Chair Digital Music Europe