Policy priorities


Copyright and licensing are important policy issues for the digital music industry, with a material impact across business, regulatory, product and operational functions.

A streamlined and predictable licensing environment is essential if our services are to continue to drive the still fragile recovery of the recorded music industry. Digital Music Europe urges policymakers to adopt a fair and balanced copyright framework that will foster the innovation and the growth of digital music services.

Online platforms

Online platforms play an increasingly important role in Europe’s economy. Digital music services rely on platforms to access and serve their customers and to scale their businesses.

Digital Music Europe supports EU policies that create a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory platform economy. The European legal framework must ensure that platforms facilitate (rather than restrict) users’ access to online services, and act as “gateways” rather than “gatekeepers” to the digital economy.

Read our position paper on online platforms.


European consumers benefit from high levels of consumer and data protection, and these rules set the compliance framework for how digital music services are marketed, accessed and consumed.

Access to data allows the digital music industry to refine its understanding of how customers discover and listen to music, and thereby allows companies to innovate and provide new and improved digital music experiences.