DME welcomes provisional agreement on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

March 25, 2022


Digital Music Europe (DME) welcomes the provisional agreement reached on the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the 24 March trilogue. The DMA will set clear and effective rules to address unfair and anti-competitive practices by digital gatekeepers. It will be instrumental in ensuring that gatekeeping platforms operate fairly, to the benefit of European digital audio service providers and consumers. It will promote innovation, competition, and consumer choice.

“We applaud the outstanding work done by the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission in agreeing on the DMA. We encourage Council and Parliament to swiftly adopt the agreement reached. It is a crucial piece of legislation for businesses and consumers and will greatly contribute to a fairer digital ecosystem”, said DME Chair Olivia Regnier.

About DME

Digital Music Europe (DME) represents Europe’s leading digital audio services: Deezer, Jamendo, Qobuz, Soundcharts, SoundCloud and Spotify. These innovative European companies have revolutionized how people discover, enjoy and experience music across the world.